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Girls - Honey Bunny

Girls - Honey Bunny

Sep 14, 2011
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Why do we like this?

I'm so excited to welcome back Girls with their second LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost,!These eleven tracks of pure sweetness, heaviness, angst, and sensitivity will swoon the ladies and impress the guys.

The opening track instantly reminded me of the Beach Boys (yes, please!)

. Girls has this gift of being so relatable and sensitive, yet they still obtain a respectable "old rock" disposition instead of just being labeled "emo." This album is rich, diverse and full-flavored, just like your favorite coffee (and might I add that this is a great album to start your morning with). Girls gives off such a timeless aura that I wouldn't be surprised if their fan base captures generations.

I'd classify this album as classic rock... but would a 60-year-old agree? Nowadays, that genre can be such a broad description. Perhaps a few decades from now, Girls will be a part of a newly defined generation of classic rock. For this album, they've dappled in old country style, easy listening, soul, R&B, upbeat rock, and even a heavier Black Sabbath-esque style which was a fantastic pleasant surprise. If they decided to stick with the ladder style for a full album, I'd be ecstatic, because they really know how to take it to that level and ride with it.

Christopher Owens had this to add about developing their latest album:

"If Girls was The Rolling Stones and had five members that never changed, if you want to pretend that Girls is a real band, then this is our band record" - thefader.com

Girls are currently on tour soget out there and purchase this sweet delectable album of perfection so you can follow along at their show!

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