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Golden Vessel - that's us (Ft. The Nicholas & rei so la)
Sep 30, 2020
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Sounds like: quickly, quickly, Mk.gee
Why do we like this?

I've just eaten a packet of sour worms and my brain nearly short circuited. I had hoped to return to a treat that I once loved. Except, the catch with anything sweet is that it doesn't last long and has lackluster side-effects. But, does that mean I shouldn't ever indulge?

Given the creeping headache that's setting in, I'm also in two minds about picking up Golden Vessels forthcoming album, colt.It's likely to be sugar-coated / highly enjoyable.

Luckily for anyone reading, I've gotten my literary devices completely wrong, and Golden Vessel's music won't have any negative repercussions like candy might. It's also worth noting that The Nicholas' and rei so la's music won't either, however they do both make great features on "that's us."

Golden Vessel - eee (Ft. Rei So La & Abraham Tilbury)
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Mk.Gee - >;0 (Ft. Vegyn)
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No Doubt - Don't Speak (Computer Magic Cover)
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The Undercover Dream Lovers - You Don't Have To Be Lonely
Tags: Editor's Pick, indie rock, indie pop, dream pop
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