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Goth Babe - Moments / Tides
Aug 05, 2020
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Why do we like this?

Whenever I hear 'Goth Babe' my ears prick up but to be honest I don't know anything about him. Maybe he's a little goth, might even be a babe, but other than that I've got nada. So I'm glad "Moments / Tides" has given me the chance to write about him so I can dig a little deeper and see who it is that creates these awesome sounds.

Turns out he's an off-the-grid nomad who documents his travels through music. His name is Griffin Washburn and he lives with his pooch Sadie. At this point it's probably a good idea to sidenote: I don't have any wonderous stalking abilities...I'm just going off a press release. And while we're at it, check this: "He has a solar-powered recording studio in the back [of his campervan] where he writes and records everything himself." That's my favorite part.

When you have a look at the guy on paper, it's no wonder he creates such great music, his whole life is practically a movie and all he has to do is create the soundtrack for it. And the best part is, he wants to share it with us! Speaking to the track he says:

“Moments / Tides is a song I wrote at the beginning of the surf season here in Oregon. I’d been away from the coast for half a year due to weather and building my tiny casa. I’d forgotten how much life and clarity being in the ocean gives me. I’m hopeful that through the song and video, people can get a taste of what it’s like gliding over the water.”
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