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Gourmet - Hogsback (Ft. Alice Phoebe Lou and Hyroine)
Oct 18, 2019
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Quite the listening experience; definitely not one of those tracks you put on because it's catchy, mindless listening. Coined as "spaghetti pop," this eclectic gathering of sounds, ranging from world music to R&B, is one you must sit back and absorb. A myriad of vocal layers set the scene until 0:38, when the song introduces the explosion of the glossy voice that is Gourmet in the flesh.

I Googled "spaghetti pop," and all that came up was news about Eminem doing "Mom's Spaghetti" pop up shops in Detroit and at Coachella. Capitalism is a crazy drug. For real though, if anyone knows what this genre means, please reach out to me. If Google doesn't give me the answers then I'm basically in the dark. Didn't you know that the Internet is always right?

Regardless, I have no idea how to categorize this song. Is it jazz, is it nu-soul, or is it experimental? Whatever it is, I encourage you to explore the soundscape it provides. I've never heard anything like it and as I delve deeper into Gourmet's discography, my sentiment grows in strength.

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