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Grooms - Tiger Trees
Jul 20, 2011
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It's so refreshing to come upon a newer band who is taking their music in a different (and slightly unknown) direction. Grooms is a noise-rock band based out of Brooklyn. I, for one, love both Grooms albums, but their sophomore release, Prom, is filled with wonky twists and angsty turns that have the ability to intrigue you only five seconds into a song. It's obvious that they do what they want with their musical creative abilities and don't go out of their way to fit any one genre or trend.

Prom consists of hormonal ups and downs comparable to your teenage years; even the lyrics are slightly emotionally adolescent. It's progressive, it's grungey, it's psychedelic, it's textured, it's layered. I find it refreshing that this unpredictable style of music hasn't all but completely disappeared in the trendy (and sometimes tiring) whirlpool that is today's independent music scene. Grooms is holding their own, and quite well at that.

Last year, I saw Grooms play on a whim while visiting Brooklyn. I didn't know who they were but my friend insisted that we see them, promising that it'd be a good time. I didn't object and I'm so glad I saw them. At first it took a minute to register everything I was hearing -- to piece it all together and find its flow -- but once I did, it was excellent.

That's basically the same way I found myself registering their new album. It grew on me quickly though. Give Grooms' sophomore release a chance, and succumb to its glitchy gloriousness.
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