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Guineafowl - Botanist

Guineafowl - Botanist

Apr 25, 2011

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Why do we like this?

From humble beginnings, the mysteriously monikered Guineafowl is starting to gather momentum with the release of Hello Anxiety. My sister is a colossal fan and actually knows his legal name, but secrets are fun aren't they? 

The young narrator behind the band of the same name, Guineafowl began recording in August 2010 as a solo act

, releasing a number of demos fashioned in a small abode over an antique store near the busy Bondi Beach in Sydney. Since then, he has collected a musically endowed ensemble of six around him and is currently midway through a marathon national tour of Australia. 

Hello Anxiety was recorded over a few short days, but the brilliance of it dispels this fact. Guineafowl comes from a family of creative types - movie producers, visual artists and fashion designers - and this creativity shines through in his music. Often fun and cheerful, often poignant and reflective, each of the five tracks provides a diverse tale from a thoughtful mind. The EP has been described as "Indietronic," a good representation of the style. 

"Little Fingers" plods beautifully along, with the steady percussion being offset by drowning vocals flowing above. "My Lonely Arms" tells the familiar story of heartbreak and confusion in an peculiarly vivacious style, the lyrics and music completely bipolar. Single "Botanist" is as catchy as they come, the background clapping emphasized effectively. 

My sister knows her stuff when it comes to new music, and Guineafowl is perhaps one of her finest finds to date. I advise you take her word for it and listen up.

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