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Happy Doghouse - Don't Give Me Grapes

Happy Doghouse - Don't Give Me Grapes

Apr 20, 2017

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Happy Doghouse, a duo who started working together via Skype back in 2013, have only released a handful of songs over the past few years, but their sound is certainly something I hope they continue to explore.

"Don't Give Me Grapes" is the first song from their second EP, Above the Stars. Not quite soft rock, "Don't Give Me Grapes" is a bit of an atmospheric take on indie rock. The intro chords feel thick and vocal is almost dreamy in its languor; however past the intro a fervor hits that, amidst the lucid quality of their sound, is almost reminiscent of the Pillows.

I adore the general soundscape and, though pieces can sound a bit roughly mastered, hope you'll find it equally as lovely.

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