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Holy Other - YR LOVE
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Jul 01, 2011
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Someone once described Holy Other's music as equivalent to staring into space. The reality is not too far off. This experimental ambient music out of the UK takes its own spin on the popular electronic music style, switching it up from whomp heavy beats and pop song samples of dubstep to dark vibrating synths that ooze out of your speakers and remind of you of the vastness of the great beyond. It's also not a surprise that some have started to call this genre of music "witch house" as the songs, defined by their cut up beats and ghostly sounding vocals, lull you into a dreamlike soundscape and remind you of what it was like to be a scared 6-year-old on Halloween.

Holy Other is another one of those anonymous music acts a la WU LYF, as the artist has shied away from any sort of fact-based reality online. Ambiguity is definitely part of the musician's appeal, with the actual home base of the musician still masked in mystery and the artist even going as far as covering up in a black veil for both live shows and press photos. For those of you that don't know, the black veil is the symbol of the most complete renunciation of the world according to the Roman Catholics -- so not only is the artist uniquely cryptic but he's also damn clever.

With the release of the recent With U EP, dropped on NY's Tri Angle Records, Holy Other continues the tradition of other emerging online-based artists like How to Dress Well and James Blake while playing into the same secretive hype of stars like The Weeknd.

Check out the SoundCloud for more creepily good music and follow the act on Twitter to watch the mystery unfold. Also, don't forget to head over to the YouTube channel to enjoy the pairing of murky sounding music with weirdly-edited, religious imagery. Cheeky bastard.
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