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Homeshake - Vacuum
Aug 21, 2021
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“Vacuum” is a picture of melancholy, set to atmospheric, ambient synths and emotive, somber vocals by Peter Sagar, otherwise known as Homeshake. Long before the pandemic hit and isolation was compulsory, Sagar sat at home binging Star Trek and working on his fifth studio album, Under the Weather, deep in the throes of a long-standing and unrelenting depression. According to Sagar, that time period was a heavy influence for the new album, with each song encapsulating the darkness and despair that consumed him throughout 2019.

“Vacuum” is foggy and moody - the sonic equivalent of wading through syrup, or three feet of mud. It’s slow, introspective, gritty, and dissociative, but it’s also somehow very gentle, melodic, and containing. The edges of the percussion and bass are softened, the lines of each synth and guitar blurred. The single comes alongside the release of a surreal and fantastically animated video directed by Jordan Speer and produced by Brain Dead Studios. It reads almost like a short film and will leave you pensive and emotional long after it’s over.

On Under the Weather, Sagar says:

“Oftentimes when you’re in a dark place, you’re supposed to journal and that helps release the pressure. For me, it always found its way into the music.”

Homeshake’s new album is due for release September 10th via SHHOAMKEE/Sinderlyn, and is available for pre-oder here.

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