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HORACE - Old Shoes
Nov 18, 2021
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Why do we like this?

When life changes, on the back of our own choices, we arrive at a new destination that sparkles with all the handy brickwork of dream-laying that came before it. Once we land and settle steady enough to catch our breath, and the peripheries to open up, we stand the chance to realize that we carry with us our laden pasts.

To look back on said past with a longing affection, might be what we have collectively termed 'nostalgia.'

HORACE explains that "Old Shoes:"

"...deals with the bittersweetness of nostalgia and the conflict between what you knew and loved with the necessity of embracing the present moment."

One need not leave to live in a 7-story tower near the Himalayas, a circus performers' commune in Nicaragua, an old medical airstream trailer, nor any dreamers' most-hoped-for destination. There's no need to even leave at all in order to feel what HORACE is touching on. It's right here: sit still, look inwards, and watch what you love. In between the still, present moment, and the love from the past, we see the conflict that HORACE brings to life in "Old Shoes."

This track marks the beginning of the presentation of his debut EP Paradox, slated for release in February 2022.

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