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Humons - What I'll Find (Jon Zott Remix)
Feb 13, 2017
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Sometimes Detroit seems like a really small place when I tally up the artists that are making noteworthy music. Detroit is an incredibly large city in that it's sprawling, but most of that sprawl is just wasted areas. The concentrated magic in the city covers a pretty tight space, and I use the word "magic" consciously because that's really what it feels like with Detroit's creative scene, its artists, being so... accessible -- the ones that don't leave, that is.

Perfect segue into Detroit's Humons and "What I'll Find," as remixed by another Detroit artist, Jon Zott. If I'm hearing the words correctly the lyrics say, "If you don't try to leave, then maybe you'll stay" -- a simple profundity.

Leaving has always been a Detroit plight. Eventually, most people who are trying to make a creative career for themselves leave. I've done a fair bit of leaving myself. I've left over and over again. Every time I come back to Detroit (and I always end up coming back) I fantasize about staying put, but I never do. This year has me wondering -- as I'm working hard at making deep personal changes, breaking outmoded cycles -- what will I find if I stay? Like, if I let my roots grow long and strong? How would that change my life?

"What I'll Find" has me feeling thoughtful about my own place in my hometown, but the sentiment is not just a Detroit thing -- I think lots of people have a problem staying in one place. Maybe we all could afford to temper our wanderlust a little. Maybe building a stronger community is investing energy in what's right in front of you; challenging the ego to forego a world of stimulation and focus on rooting right into the ground beneath your feet. Maybe this is what builds stronger souls. Or maybe this is just my challenge alone and to each his own. At least we can all share in the music. Maybe "What I'll Find" will lead you to some revelations, as well.



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