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Illstrtd - Torture

Illstrtd - Torture

Mar 05, 2013
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Why do we like this?
The kids in Oz sure know how to make sweet jams. Here's one from upcoming producer illstrtd, just another 22-year-old making beats in his bedroom. While illstrtd hasn't really hit the scene yet, he's gotten exposure on blogs like the 405 and Crayon Beats. I thought 405 described him pretty well back in December with "Clams Casino meets Washed Out." Take a listen and decide for yourself.

This track, "Torture," is a great example of his hip-hop/chillwave concoction: darkly sweet vocals mixed to R&B beats that'll serenade you into the most melancholic of moods. Just wait till 1:10, where drawn out and slow beats that explode with ethereal vocals and chill you right to the bone. Also of note is "Thank You," which prominently features a Christina Aguilera sample and slightly reminds me of Jason Burns.

So, is illstrtd the next big producer out of Australia? He hasn't put out a track in the last two months and there's no word of an EP, so we don't know his plans yet. I recommend you listen to more on SoundCloud then go show him some love over on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe it'll give him that push to keep putting out wicked tracks like this. All it takes is a bit of support to see the change you want to see to hear more of the music you want to hear...

And you thought you couldn't change the world. One like or follow makes a big difference. Serious face.
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