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Indigo Waves - Can't Let Go
Mar 13, 2020
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Why do we like this?

Based out of Utah, the Provo quartet brings us this lo-fi, dream pop gem. "Can't Let Go" is a product of love, and you can feel that throughout. Indigo Waves recorded and wrote it in their own home studio over the course of six months; their first self-recorded track to date.

After making the decision to navigate their sound towards a retro, bedroom pop feel in 2019, the group has successfully done so. It helps that they're into experimenting with new equipment. For example, listeners can hear a slide guitar type sound, which is actually a sample from one of their synths, the 1985 Casio SK-1.

Overall, "Can't Let Go" is a cute, mellow jam about love. Enjoy and stay safe/healthy!

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