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Inspired And The Sleep - Take Pills (Instructed Bliss)
Apr 12, 2012
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Why do we like this?
I immediately started dancing the first time I heard this track. Inspired And The Sleep really knows how to get you moving. Especially with their most recent album, Teenager, and even more specifically, their new single, "Take Pills (Instructed Bliss)."

The vibe I get from this song is that it's okay to let go. The vocals are lackadaisical and sweetly soothing, and nicely compliment the tribal tempo and slightly unsettling electronic effects. It's quite the combination, but Inspired And The Sleep know how to make it work.

This track is simplified and yet constructed so that you won't miss any details. There's a place for each instrument and each affect, all weaving their way in and out of each other to make a track that has many colors -- sometimes slightly dark, sometimes bright and sunny, and yet always captivating.

The last few seconds of the song are so ridiculously cute, I wish there was more of it. Max Greenhalgh (the man behind the band) explained the single in a candid way:

"The song is sort of a sarcastic dedication to how our society, ravers, even myself functions mentally, socially, and physically through the use of pills. It was put together through a series of live recorded percussion loops, a drum machine setting from my toy casio keyboard, flute, uke, and bass."

How can you resist that?
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