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Iska Dhaaf - Invisible Cities
Feb 10, 2016
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Why do we like this?

Iska Dhaaf is a challenging pair. They challenge themselves, they challenge the listener, and god help you if you attempt to review their music!

For fear of mislabelling, I'll just stick with the basics:

Nathan Quiroga (Mad Rad, Buffalo Madonna) and Benjamin Verdoes (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) make wonderful music, born out of natural collaboration and a unique, innovative take on genre.

"Invisible Cities" is the first single off their upcoming second album, The Wanting Creature, due out in May this year. The track sees Nate weaving darkly ornate, poetic wordplay throughout the dynamic soundscape, supported by soft harmonies by Benjamin. All this is then juxtaposed against eerie guitar melodies, harsh, rapid-fire instrumentation, and an urgent pace set by the erratic drum patterns, and multilayered percussive and melodic elements.

The track exudes danger, angst, and creativity. You owe it to yourself to listen, multiple times, with good headphones. And then follow Iska Dhaaf on SoundCloud, Spotify, and everything else.

Iska Dhaaf - Invisible Cities
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