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Jamie xx - Loud Places Ft. Romy (Phonic Scoupe Edit)
Apr 23, 2017
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The craziest thing happened last night. A friend of mine had an extra ticket to see the Suicide Machines and the Descendants. Having had a punk phase in my youth I went, looking for a nostalgic experience. 

What I found was nostalgia, but in a different form- I ran into an ex boyfriend, a DJ we'll call K -- the first DJ I fell in love with. Sometime last year, I'd sold K my CDJ's -- the CDJ's I've been longing to get back. Longing, because I'd planned on replacing them with an upgrade, but there's never money for that and so... I've been without the ability to DJ for a year. 

Getting to the crazy part, K asks me how I'm fairing without my J's. "Not well," I tell him and ask him how he likes them. He says he can't figure the things out and might I want them back. "How much?" I ask, bubbling with glee. "You can have them for free," he says, "because I want to keep the case." 

Deal. I was ecstatic; knew I had missed my J's, but until that point I hadn't realized how much, which leads me to "Loud Places."

Phonic Scoupe's edit of Jamie XX "Loud Places" is an ode to the CDJ's I will soon have again; the vibes I'll be able to curate; the house music soon to be oozing from my walls, dripping through the slats of these creaky floors. Can you tell I'm on cloud 9?

There's a bigger moral to this story and I think it's something like -- opportunity isn't bound by expectations. That, sometimes the best treasures await in places you'd least expect, in forms you'd never consider. Stepping outside the box, past the bounds of my usual stomps, my usual scene, I found exactly what I didn't even know I was looking for. The important part is to live and not limit yourself only to the areas that feel comfortable. Be spontaneous, enjoy being uncomfortable - discomfort means you're growing and when we grow, we expand, we discover, we change, doors open, we step through and life renews itself.

Life is timing, life is mystery, life is beautiful, life is complicated. Respect that and enjoy yourself in the process.



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