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Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride
Nov 20, 2010
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I first fell in love with U.K. pop/funk band Jamiroquai when Napoleon Dynamite stole the spotlight as he danced on stage in his moon boots to "Canned Heat," a 1999 release from their Synkronized album. Jamiroquai continues to surprise me as a band that neither strays from their vintage-disco rhythm nor falls off the music scene in a time where dubstep seems to be everywhere you turn.

Newly signed to Mercury Records, Jamiroquai recently released their first album in five years, Rock Dust Light Star, which is entirely written by the band themselves. The 12-track album showcases front-man Jay Kay's take on a more relaxed vocal tone, giving a certain flow to the album that I am really digging.

Jamiroquai has always shined sticking to their signature sounds, but I think that Rock Dust Light Star is the closest they have come to throwing in some variety while confidently poking their heads in and out of a comfort zone. "Hey Floyd" toys with strings and percussion that give the track an almost tribal feel, and "Blue Skies" is kind of a lackluster and soft example of Jamiroquai's known potential.

Jay's playful falsetto vocals paired with the 70s-era disco/funk that can make even the womp-iest of listeners groove to the beat. Highlights of the album reminiscent of their past releases include speedy and bass-funky "She's a Fast Persuader," as well as lead track "White Knuckle Ride," a song seemingly straight out of the 80s with an inevitably dance-provoking tempo.

Hopefully there won't be another five-year wait for the next release from Jamiroquai, because Rock Dust Light Star's pleasantly addicting adjustments to their previously consistent style have left me on the edge of my seat and curious for more. Keep on keepin' on, but don't keep us waiting!
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