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JWestern - Aspirin
Apr 08, 2021
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I wear my Vans with the laces out because an ex from 9 years ago used to do the same. I use sweetener instead of sugar because my favorite aunt has always done so. I drink my coffee from the same mug every morning because my friend who now lives in Nepal gave it to me. I've been listening to Tool ever since an old friend introduced me to their music. My life is a mosaic of everyone I've ever loved, even if just for a heartbeat.

Love gets us in a twist, our hearts turn, we end up winding around highways in our mind when thoughts move too fast, but at the end of the day, would we wish it all away when every relationship, brief or lasting, makes us who we are?

This is what comes to mind when listening to croonings of JWestern, AKA John Gooding. "Aspirin" is an easy-to-digest track for those of us who already love the sounds of Rex Orange County, Gus Dapperton, Still Woozy, and Yellow Days. With a voice borrowed from the intersection of the R&B and hip-hop worlds, it's no wonder "Aspirin" got my attention.

JWestern's latest album — said to be more open and vulnerable than 2020's debut EP, Just People — is largely inspired by late-night thoughts as he explains:

"All these songs stem from those moments, half awake, alone, writing

everything down on the notes app of my phone."

If you're as intrigued to hear more as I am, be sure to check him out on Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube. Happy listening, Shufflers.

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