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KAMAUU - Mango (Remix) (Ft. Adeline & Masego)
Mar 23, 2021
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Sounds like: Mereba, Dave B., rum.gold
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If you’re looking to get your groove on, look no further than New York-based KAMAUU’s latest offering, “Mango”. This absolute funk-fest of a remix is poignantly complimented by Adeline’s sweet falsetto and Masego’s soulful tones; add some uplifting horns and you want to close your eyes and take in the deep, passionate pleasure of the way they blend oh-so-perfectly with the multi-layered vocals. The guitar licks are dazzling, the walking basslines full of spunk, and the rhythm just glitters with deep feeling and true heart.

“Mango” is a song about wishing a lover well, even if they’re with someone else instead of you, and KAMAUU’s lyrics show why he’s seen as not only a vocalist, rapper, and songwriter, but a poet, a thinker, and a truth-seeker as well. This is a love song in the healthiest and most mature sense of the word. On the meaning of the track, KAMAUU mentioned in an interview with LadyGunn:

“MANGO” was inspired by the realization that in relationships, many of us think we want what’s best for our partners, though we often, more accurately, want to be with our partners in the way that feels the best or most right to us. I found this to be dangerous for many reasons. One being that how things feel can be deceptive. When you have a fever, you feel cold even though your body may very well be a human torch (hot). It’s also dangerous because most of us have trouble figuring out what best for ourselves. To know what’s best for another, to me, especially in situations where I/we can be massively emotionally biased, seems unlikely.

This led me to build more relationships with people who thoroughly studied themselves. If I can trust that someone has really studied and worked on and with themselves, I can trust they have a good grasp on what’s best for them.

If what’s best is someone else, who am I to block a blessing?

Now I’m not saying go and cheat, but what I am saying is that, it’s better to be fully transparent about what we want from our partners, and what we can and cannot, and/or will and will not offer.”

Produced by Nightshade, “Mango” was released in September 2020, and followed critical acclaim for his 2019 album, KAMAUU-CASSETTE: MíXD GRēēNS, which racked up 3 million streams and included notable releases such as “Clover,” “Bamboo,” “Ivy,” and “Absinthe.” His new album, KAMAUU-CASSETTE: ūRTH GōLD is due for release in July this year.

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