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Kappa Mountain - Snowfields
Aug 25, 2021
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Sounds like: Culpeo, Nightlight, Laevi
Why do we like this?

It rarely snows here in Cape Town, much less anywhere that's remotely accessible. Usually, one has to journey to some of our highest peaks by foot or 4x4 in order to reach the glory and majesty of possible snowfall. This Winter saw us venturing North out of the city and into the mountains to see if we could get lucky.

After a grueling 9km of incline in 2°C, bundled up in a wardrobe's worth of hats and scarves, our cheeks pink and our fingers numb, we rounded a rocky outcrop just past the cairn as softly, quietly, snow began to tumble down from the mass of grey cloud cover above. Weightless and dancing, flakes quickly grew in number until the ground became a blanket of white, any sound from the surrounding environment dampened by its density. That's the thing that's always astounded me, the few times I've been lucky enough to see snow: how quiet it is. The solitude and tranquility it invites. The stillness it invokes.

There's the semblance of everything being wiped clean, of newness, of purity. There's an expansiveness to its beauty, akin to looking up at the night sky and getting lost in a plethora of twinkling stars and spiralling galaxies while standing alone in an empty desert. Somehow, snow holds all that magic in its simplicity. And it's just utterly breathtaking.

"Snowfields" by Kappa Mountain is the soundtrack to its title. With headphones on and eyes closed, you're suddenly on a mountain top somewhere in the middle of nowhere, fields of white reaching for as far as the eye can see.

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