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Kasbo - Found You (Ft. Chelsea Cutler)
Apr 06, 2017
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Why do we like this?

"Found You," created by Kasbo with a vocal appearance by Chelsea Cutler, is melancholy magic. That's the best way I can describe the feel and vibe to this tune. 

It starts off a bit slow. A bit ethereal in buildup where everything seems calm, yet sad. Does that even make any sense? 

Something curious then happens, right as the beautiful vocal performance has already captured your heart. The production kicks in and heads into a totally different direction. A less sadder, more jubilant and brighter mood direction. 

It all works too well. Like watching the love story between a broken soul and an impenetrably unscathed one. The bright smiled boy healing the swollen-tears-eyed girl. 

By the time the song is done, you know there was a happy ending to this tale. 

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