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Koren Grace - Ego

Koren Grace - Ego

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Jun 08, 2020
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Sounds like: Cleo Sol, Joy Crookes
Why do we like this?

Sometimes you need to watch a singer perform live to feel their emotion come out of the song, but you can hear Koren Grace’s passion erupt from the track. With this much power in just the recording, I can only imagine how mesmerizing it would be to stand in the same room as her while she sings.

The simple notes and rhythm feels harmonious and soulful. Her voice also has a natural vibrato that she’s unafraid to show off in such a beautiful way.

It’s not just the sound that’s powerful, it’s also her words. The poetic lyrics talk about her being fed up with someone who is conceited and needs to learn how to leave their ego at the door.

This song came out back in 2018, but I decided to show it some love now because it’s still worth listening to. Plus, I'm craving more music from this Virginia-based artist. She’s released a handful of other songs, but “Ego” is my favorite by a long shot.

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