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La Femme - Telegraphe
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Jan 23, 2011
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Why do we like this?

La Femme is probably the hottest thing out of France at the moment. If that doesn't sound like much, step back. Remember that France is the home of Kitsuné, Ed Banger, Daft Punk, and Croissants, plus plenty more to boot. So, in other words, these guys are pretty damn hot. Before you start to wonder, I'm not talking about how they look, I'm talking about the very French take on surf rock they're currently the primary purveyors of.

Sure, we've seen quite a dearth of surf rock bands of late, each seemingly sounding exactly like the rest. Nonetheless, the revival of the genre has still given way to some pretty good songs, mainly from the pen of The Drums. However, competition has come along to blow them out of the very water they should be surfing on.

They are currently touring the US - at times I really regret leaving the States - and are looking for an English vocalist. Now, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.  While I don't understand a word of French - a rather embarrassing slip on my own blog demonstrated this amply - I do think that's part of the band's charm.

What you get at the end either way are great tunes; it's been branded as surfer rock, but I think it has a much darker twist. Pigeonholing this one is really difficult - its uniqueness is one of its best assets though... I really struggled with filling in the similar artists on this one!

Anyway, you can get an idea for yourself by checking out "Télégraphe," my favorite track from their recently released EP. The other tracks aren't half bad either - especially "Sur La Planche," which has been splashed all over the Internet. "Antitaxi," one of the best tracks on their MySpace player, is featured below for your listening pleasure.

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