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Joy Division - No Love Lost (LCD Soundsystem Cover)
Jun 18, 2010
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122 times
Sounds like: The Rapture, New Order
Why do we like this?
Well, when LCD Soundsystem released the EP for their track "All My Friends" (which was covered by Franz Ferdinand, albeit not on this EP), they also made their own stamp on an old Joy Division track called "No Love Lost". Usually, most artists fail miserably when attempting to cover an older artist or band. Especially when that artist or band has a pretty big cult following. This is where I think many fail - they work to "re-create" a track everyone knows. So why not go the route of LCD Soundsystem and try to cover a lesser known track?

Now, I can hear some people yelling, "We all know this Joy Division track! It's not lesser known! I hope your genitals fall off!" Well, first of all, my genitals are crazy-glued on. So neener neener. Secondly, not everyone knows the entire Joy Division collection or how much blow they did on some night in 1977. If you do? That's creepy. Very, very creepy. - IN ALL CAPS
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