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Letts - Emeralds
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Jun 05, 2015
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Why do we like this?

Former Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros guitarist Christian Letts has been described as a songwriter, singer, painter, and sculptor. Almost all of these talents are showcased in his recent solo project.

His first album, Hold Fast, was produced by Marcus Mumford and released earlier this year. As I teased, the album's artwork was painted by the former Zero.

In an interview with LiveForLiveMusic.com, Letts said his time with Edward Sharpe inspired him to write many of his songs. He also said many tunes came from his dreams.

“I used to sleep with a recorder next to my bed so I could wake up in the middle of the night and sing these melodies or sometimes entire songs into it,” he told the site. “I think this album lives between the real world and the subconscious.”

Fans of Mumford and Sons will immediately take to London-born Letts. Folky "Emeralds" gathers and grows until the 3:16 mark where it spills over. Quite nice.

I also have to mention that Letts has a lengthy list of “band interests” on his Facebook including: dead artists journals, lost treasures, found treasures for that matter, crashing waves, old ships, French, great stories, black holes, holographic less dimensioned universes, Navajo first phase chief blankets, whales, calligraphy, sushi, whiskey, the angels share, trying to connect the dots, and bees wax.

If you weren’t intrigued before, you are now.

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