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Liars - Brats
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Aug 19, 2012
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Sounds like: Xiu Xiu, Sightings
Why do we like this?

Holy. Shit. What am I looking at? What is this thing happening on the screen? I slightly love it and I'm seriously disturbed. Liars never ceases to amaze me... but this new video for their track, "Brats," is from a whole different universe.

This video game-esque cut is pretty fucked right from the beginning. Let's examine. We start off with a digitized rabbit in a room of money, masks and statues. This rabbit is possibly dry humping the air or something. Fair enough. In enters an Elmer Fudd lookalike with a gun and a mission. The rabbit and the hunter then proceed to dance a little jig, Quentin Tarantino style. The rest of the video is one big mindfuck. But I still watched the whole thing. Twice.

Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out what just happened. I'll leave this up to your own translation. Let the nightmares ensue.

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