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Lionmilk - Morning Insense
May 14, 2018
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25 times
Sounds like: Vulfpeck, Kiefer
Why do we like this?

A brief story:

Jazz Herman, the originator of jazz music, is also apparently Lionmilk's grandfather. Throughout high school Jazz had the top marks in his class and captained the varsity basketball team. An all-round good guy.

Herman always loved music; music of all kinds. It wasn't until a steamy June day at a summer school field trip that he became the Jazz Herman we all know today. In fact, before the accident his name was Ralph something (I can't remember the last name).

Anyways, on this field trip, someone at the music factory who had been experimenting with different music flavors spilt a batch of the substance on Ralph. You get where this is going, it's basically Spiderman, but it turned him into a total jazz cat, which gave birth to the genre that we know and love as jazz -- and that's Lionmilk's grandfather's story, ladies and gentlemen.

The End.

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