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Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell
May 22, 2011
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Wowsa, is it fair to say that I wanted to jump on stage and grab Luca Venezia (aka Drop The Lime) as he was setting up prior to the start of the show? Tastiness. The DJ/producer from Brooklyn made the whole crowd wild with his new sound and his Enter The Night album. The founder of the dance label Trouble & Bass came on stage dressed in black, with his slick back hair, gold teeth, and two female (foxy pin-up style) back-up singers that together ripped the Music Hall of Williamsburg a new one. This man makes me want to pretend like I am an extra on the set of Crybaby and channel a mean and spicy Betty Page.

Much like the single "Hot As Hell, " his rockabilly/electro/drum/bass-infused sound sprayed the crowd with so much energy and gusto that everyone was dancing. My chest was still vibrating the day after the show.

Growing up in New York, I used to go to a lot of what we used to call "parties" but what you might refer to as "raves," and I was a sucker for both hardcore and drum & bass. Listening to this show was like a punch to the gut that made me see stars and relive those wild teenage years where bass was king and dancing was queen.

At first, I thought the two luscious back-up singers were pure eye candy, but then the curvy vixen wrapped her red lips around a harmonica and spiked her sound into the opening number.  To further excite the crowd, the girls belted out major notes, danced their asses off, and made every guy in the room (and a few ladies) hard as hell like a bad girl should.

We also got a surprise performance by Carrie Wilds performing "Set Me Free" and a man on the sax accompanying the performance of the song  "Sex Sax." I have seen Drop The Lime on numerous occasions, but this time, this amazing artist gave us a new sound and proved that music is always evolving.
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