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Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches
Sep 30, 2011
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Last night Broken Social Scene played a 40-minute set atop an "Occasionally Perfect" Heineken billboard in Chicago across the street from Wrigley Field. With an impending hiatus looming, it was a fleeting opportunity to catch the band, but skirted the lines in the art of selling out.

Drew stopped at a couple points to justify the gig, citing TV On The Radio's support, and then ending the night with a plea to the audience to not give themselves over to social media and to "look people in the eye."

It reminded me of a chapter in Chuck Klosterman's book Eating The Dinosaur, where he talks about how advertising that's overly transparent can be effective. So, there's all these indie kids at this pop up show saying, "this corporate set up is so lame," but it's being acknowledged, so its hip. Uh, no, you're on set at a commercial taping and this band has accepted a huge check to appear in it. Which I'm fine with; I dig corporate events "” they're free, there's usually free booze "” but don't patronize my fanship by rationalizing your selling out, *just do it*.

I honestly found nothing memorable about the music. I find Broken Social Scene to epitomize Canadian rock. It's good, it sounds like it should rock, but there's some umpf lacking, as if their dials only go to 7, not 10. Maybe they could use a hiatus, and since Feist got completely overshadowed by St. Vincent's album, maybe she could rejoin them to gain back some of her own indie cred.

Check out the commercial and photos below, and decide for yourself.

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