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Lost in the Trees - Fireplace
May 07, 2009
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Why do we like this?

The song 'Fireplace' caught my attention, and was quickly placed on my 'upbeat folk' playlist. The album itself is a collection of folk and classical tunes, with the occasional mixing of the two.

You'll find yourself listening to a modern day track such as 'All Alone in the Woods,' and then next thing you know you're listening to something that Henry VIII would have enjoyed while decapitating his wives.

I won't go out on my limb to recommend you pick this one up, but there certainly is a track or two that are worthy of checking out.

"Barring those few moments, though, the music ends up sounding quite plain. If only for its seriousness, it seems like Lost in the Trees should be valuable to someone, especially if the chorus of "Fireplace" or the vague country tropes of "Love on my Side" lodge themselves long enough for a listener to keep listening, waiting patiently for the tendrils to tangle, for the branches to close back around" - www.indyweek.com
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