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Malena Zavala - If It Goes
Sep 30, 2017
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"If It Goes" is the sophomore effort from rising musician Malena Zavala.

An ode to her mother's character and the influence of her Argentinian heritage, "If It Goes" captures the classic Latin sound with a modern twist. The track contains elements of South American guitar music, classic 70s rock, psychedelica and good old fashioned pop. The guitar riff at the centre of the track is Santana-like and the life blood of "If It Goes," with the extended solo an absolute joy to hear. On the song Zavala had this to say:

"The song connects me to my South American roots through my mothers’ Latino feminine character which she passed down to me. That fire is one of my only perceptions of my roots and I had a definite fear of losing that growing up in a different country/ in a different culture. It wouldn't be me if I lost it."

If you're digging this one be sure to check out her debut single "Should I Try" here

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