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Matt Pond - Hole In My Heart

Matt Pond - Hole In My Heart

Jul 04, 2013
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Sounds like: Sea Wolf, Rogue Wave
Why do we like this?
I just exercised extreme restraint while editing my interview with New Hampshire native Matt Pond. Please excuse this poetic release.

In February, the accomplished singer-songwriter released a new LP, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, which brings Pond's discography to a grand total of 10 albums and nine EPs. You don't need to be a math wizard to understand the weight of that accomplishment. The latest album is, in my biased opinion, Pond's best work to date.

I've been steadily following the musician's career since I first heard "Halloween" riding shotgun through the streets of Central Florida. For many of us categorized as Generation Y, Pond's music helped us grow during our most malleable years. The Lines Inside the Lives in Your Hand has dropped at the perfect time as we truly begin to settle into ourselves and revisit the sounds we love. This release is another benchmark in our lives that Pond seems to unknowingly narrate.

The album is a refreshing collection of thoughtful, cohesive tracks. These songs will strike both your heartstrings and laugh lines. You will recognize his wholesome and familiar sound, but there's a new spark within each note that will make your heart race too.

I dare you not to dance to "Hole In My Heart." Even after your feet grow weary, the lyrics will linger in your mouth. One song is not enough. You must listen to them all.

Consider these words an award, for love.
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