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Mesita - Kingston
Apr 02, 2013
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I'm so glad to hear that Mesita is back with a sparkling new single! After endlessly playing Mesita's third LP, The Coyote, last year, I've been patiently awaiting for a new tune from him.

I've just been presented with "Kingston," and as I had expected, it's plush and gorgeous as ever. Mesita is one ambitious guy, and that really tends to show through his multifaceted approach to composing music. It seems as though there is no limit or boundary that could hold him back. He has this gift of maintaining a delicate balance between high-energy momentum and soothing, relaxed undertones that interweave to produce an organic sound. "Kingston" is the perfect example of that.

This twinkling rendition of mathematical indie rock combines deliberate beats and orchestral synth effects to awaken multiple genres all in one song. Meanwhile, the choral vocals and prototypal piano give it a classic feel. The many experimental layers of "Kingston" make it easy to get lost in, but in a very good and even cathartic way.

I find that this is a common theme with Mesita's style. It's always nice to know that once his music is playing, you can check out of reality and check in to this ethereal world he's seemed to effortlessly create.

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