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Metronomy - Picking Up For You  (Outtakes)
Mar 18, 2021
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Far Away Over The Aquatic Fields

So it's The English Riviera's 10th Anniversary and to celebrate that, Metronomy took some of the songs from this prestigious album and revised them. Now, if one could permit me to just write quite expressively (more than the usual) I would love that.

"Picking Up For You (Outtakes)" is a revised and reborn version of the original song, it specifically adds lyrics that take this creation to a whole new level. The song is aquatic and distant, like a scuba diver observing a chorus of whale song. The highly prevalent electro-adjusted bass chords create a muffled and otherworldly sound that takes whatever is lying above it 100 miles deeper.

This song is so discombobulating in its power to make everything feel distant and close at the same time - like waving at a friend in a distant field (they're your friend, you know them deeply yet they are so far away.) The song isn't upsetting and it isn't discomforting in fact it's highly capable of embracing you in its beautifully created world of liquid sounds and a distant shimmering keyboard.

This song made me want to write creatively, write in metaphors and idioms. It made me want to write essays and novels - if that isn't a testament to how this song helps you escape I don't know what is.

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