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Milwaukee - Alone (Amtrac Remix)

Milwaukee - Alone (Amtrac Remix)

Dec 04, 2012

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Why do we like this?
This dude has been on one solid creative streak for months. Now, Amtrac hits us with another gorgeous tune: his version of "Alone" by Milwaukee.

Granted, I have no idea who Milwaukee is (it's completely impossible to Google search), so we'll just have to start making assumptions. I'm going to assume that this track wasn't as completely heart-wrenching before Amtrac got his hands on it. I'm  going to go right out on that limb and say that Amtrac has turned this into a masterpiece. Assumptions may make fools of us all, but ignorance is bliss, people. Embrace it.

"Alone" dropped yesterday, but I waited until today to listen. Possibly I was already building it up in my head, excited that it might be stellar and a little worried it might be sub-par. Amtrac came through in a grand way -- it's been on repeat all morning.

If "Alone" is where you find yourself, thank this track for filling the day with a new hope. Satiate that tortured soul.

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