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Misun - Battlefields

Misun - Battlefields

Jan 30, 2013

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Why do we like this?
In "Battlefields," singer Misun Wojcik says, "Something inside of me is tormenting me and I wish that, I wish that I could sleep." It's ridiculously catchy and haunting, and fits quite nicely into an hour of insomnia.

It would also sound pretty perfect on Tarantino's Death Proof soundtrack. I secretly wish we all had personal theme songs, the way they do in film. "Battlefields" would be my pre-dawn soundtrack for sure. When I drag race down an Austin highway later tonight, it should definitely be playing.

Truthfully, I'm not that cool; I'll probably be getting breakfast tacos at Kerbey Lane (those of you coming for SXSW music fest can get familiar), but I still insist that this song be mine.

I'm sorry for calling shotgun on this one, but one of you can have another Misun track released earlier this year, "Harlot." And for the rest of you, check out their SoundCloud, where I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from this super talented trio.
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