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MMOTHS - Summer (Ft. Superhumanoids)
Jun 21, 2012
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Why do we like this?
I find humanity pretty fascinating. Yes, that is the most innocuously non-committal statement ever typed, I realize, but come on - think about it! Everyone on the planet is fundamentally the same and yet fundamentally different. Mind boggling? I believe so.

MMOTHS is one such artist which drags this sentiment up in my mind. Only 18 years old, the Ireland native has already released his first EP, and it's just incredible. Thinking about what most people do at that age (e.g. slam beers and bong rips), it's fascinating to think with the same basic components he is able to deviate so beautifully from most of his human counterparts.

"Summer" is an absolutely stunning track; male and female vocals saturate the piquant, reverbed melody, the duo of voices resembling a slowed down version of the Postal Service. The woman laments ever so delicately, "You make me feel nothing," ironic as the impact of her voice and the track overall makes listeners feel absolutely everything. The leisurely intense electronic pulses and astoundingly complex and perfect in design, slowly falling like a dusting of snow.

For more MMOTHS, check out his SoundCloud page here, and ponder your existence away.
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