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Mosman Alder - Raisin Heart
Apr 14, 2012
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Music can't always be happy - there's something deeply beautiful about a well-made soul-searcher. Brisbane-based band Mosman Alder have hit the mark with their track "Raisin Heart," the first single from their soon-to-be-released debut EP Burn Bright (it drops May 25).

Mosman Alder is an interestingly pieced together group which includes a Scottish violinist, a heavy metal drummer and a classical pianist. The mix works perfectly, with the piano and strings prominent, giving the band a beautiful haunting presence. As an unsigned band, they were given free studio time in exchange for gardening work, but their first track gives off no impression that this band is inexperienced or underdone.

"Raisin Heart" is a rolling, emotional track that sets the scene for the EP release. With lyrics telling the story of a man who is convinced his heart has shriveled to nothing, the macabre nature of the song is only exaggerated by lead singer Valdis Valdoze's baritone vocals. All the elements of this song mix together perfectly to create a truly appealing sound. As absurd as it may be, I find this track rather uplifting.

A long time in the making, due in part to the terrible Queensland floods, the EP is one worth the wait. For now, "Raisin Heart" will be well enough to keep us intrigued.

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