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Mouthe - Knives
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Jun 05, 2016
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Why do we like this?

The enigmatic artist Mouthe has been one of my favorite discoveries of 2016. I became addicted to his truly individual, multidimensional music after stumbling on "Trouble" and I've been mesmerized ever since.

"Knives" starts out with bass piano chords, airy vocals and unintelligible, staccato samples that double as percussion. It eases you in before throwing you into a crunchy, glitch heavy dark assault that destroys any sense of understanding you've developed. Sideswiping you with irregular rhythms, it's akin to Flume's surprising "Wall Fuck," leaving you grasping futilely for comprehension.

The producer admits his goal is to keep things exciting, and if you ask me, he's succeeding. The amoebic music vacillates between harsh and mellow elements. Between the jarring, acid-trip rap verses and the hypnotic, spacey production, the track in itself is a journey from one end of the spectrum to the other.

That's why I'm such a huge supporter of his music- because it's unique and all-encompassing. My inability to fully understand it makes it increasingly more intriguing. There are so many sounds, influences and layers that even after listening 100 times, there's always something you're missing. 

If you enjoy being confused and slightly terrified, Mouthe is the artist for you. Check out his previous releases and get ready for new material in the coming weeks.

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