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Mu - Everything
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Mar 08, 2014
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Every now and then, you come across a song that sums up your own personal experiences so perfectly, you begin to wonder if the songwriter has been trawling through secretly filmed footage of your life for creative inspiration. Mu's "Everything" is one such song.

On the surface, the Canadian duo seem otherworldly -- their name is taken from that of a mythical lost continent, and looking as they do on the cover of their self-titled EP, the pair would certainly fit in on the set of Star Trek. However, as we know, appearances can be deceiving. While there is a touch of the ethereal in Mu's production techniques, the lyrical content of "Everything" is deeply rooted in earthly matters. Describing their music as "adventures in the tragedies of youth," Mu explores that familiar experience of falling in love. Of course, they are not the first band to sing about love, but the intensely vulnerable way in which they sing about the naivety of young love is startling. With "Everything" Mu has soundtracked the shared experiences of millions of broken-hearted tweens across the globe.

Mu sets these lyrics to a glitchy drum pattern with a wonderful array of sounds layered on top, from samples of children's laughter to bright bursts of harp. Both strange and relatable, "Everything" is a slice of perfectly imagined alternative pop.
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