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Neo-Safari - The Departed

Neo-Safari - The Departed

Apr 09, 2013

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Dallas-based Neo-Safari first appeared on Indie Shuffle just about a year ago with his bubbly tune "Coastal Cruise." It was my first taste of the Texas producer's home brew of future bass and glitch pop. Thankfully, it wasn't my last.

Neo-Safari just released his new Neo-Noir EP, a notably dark turn from the innocent synths that made up his first two projects. Dan Rogers, the talented man behind the moniker, acknowledges his musical past with cuts like "Dystopian Cruise." The track, like most of Neo-Noir, rides a chill wave of glitch into a heart of darkness not yet resigned to the joys of love.

Featured track "The Departed" also happens to be the EP's opening track. With a warped sample telling us "the heartache lives on," it won't take long to catch on to Neo-Noir's brooding "” albeit sexy "” ways.

Support Neo-Safari, and stream the entire Neo-Noir EP on SoundCloud.

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