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Neon Hitch - Gucci Gucci (ViLLAGE Edit)

Neon Hitch - Gucci Gucci (ViLLAGE Edit)

Dec 04, 2012
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Why do we like this?
Romanian producer ViLLΛGE does it again, this time editing up a version of Neon Hitch's cover of Kreayshawn lead single "Gucci Guci." Suffice it say, Gucci Gucci isn't hip-hop gold* -- but this ViLLΛGE track is. It's lovely to watch a track go from bad to good to great. That Neon Hitch cover is actually quite fun, but this ViLLAGE edit wins out.

ViLLΛGE is a relatively mysterious producer named Vali Dragomir residing out of Galati, Romania. He makes UK garage music that crosses a lot of other genres -- like lovestep, chillwave and neurofunk (which is a subgenre of drum and bass hailing from London that takes its influence from house and jazz).

I'm loving the top comment on this YouTube video right now, which basically sums up why this edit rocks: "Living proof that a turd can be polished." You can again enjoy a fresh take on the Gucci track, this time with a deeper bassline and a cutting backbeat. After indulging yourself, head on over to Facebook, where you can find Valati's fresh and free remix releases. You can also follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.


* Did you know that Touré wrote an article titled "White Female Rappers Challenging Hip-Hop's Masculine Identity"? In it, he takes a very different read of the song's lyrics...

"The song basically attacks a central tenet of hip-hop: Many rappers embrace labelism as part of their celebration of upward mobility as well as a postmodern sentiment that you are the brands you wear. Her rejection of that reeks of white-girl privilege. But similarly privileged people may find her message refreshing."

There's also this piece criticizing the song as an appropriation of black culture,

"I don't believe for one second her image is authentic. It is one derived of the stereotypical "sister girl" trope we've seen time and time again."
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