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Aug 28, 2017

Four Tet has just announced that his new album is done. Kieran Hebden has put out some fresh releases this year, which adds fuel to this being one highly anticipated album. Earlier in the year, after releasing "Two Thousand and Seventeen," he announced that a new album will follow, stating, 'Wow thanks for all the love on the new tune. Have been making loads of music. New album almost ready and coming this year.' Word of Four Tet's album being complete arrives with this short and simple Tweet:


Along with "Two Thousand and Seventeen," Four Tet has also released "Planet" and more recently "SW9 9SL." On top of this, he also re-released "Reservoir" on Spotify, under the name ".·.·* ́ ̈.·*:・✧๑ඕั ҉." You can listen to these tracks below.

Four Tet 00110100 01010100

Recently having shown up on Spotify, which made fans all kinds of crazy, was the album 0181 by 00110100 01010100. In binary, 00110100 01010100 translates to 4T.  0181 is a compilation album by Four Tet, released off Text Records in January 2013. It's an album of unreleased material produced by Four Tet between 1997 and 2001, of which 0181 was the area code Hebden lived in in outer London during that time. You can hear the album here

We do not have an official release date for the new album just yet, so all Four Tet fans can do right now is hold tight, or read up about Arctic Monkeys' new album

Image Source: villunderlondon

Four Tet - Two Thousand And Seventeen
Four Tet - Planet
Four Tet - SW9 9SL
Four Tet - The Reservoir
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