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Apr 07, 2017

Gorillaz are definitely back! With new music pouring out we've been working to provide coverage on their latest album, Humanz, for the past few weeks. As readers are naturally curious about what are the names and faces of those behind Gorillaz, we thought Indie Shuffle should have a guide so you don't have to ask. Which is not actually a dumb question, it can get pretty complicated!

Damon Albarn: Gorillaz Front-Man

The main vocalist behind the Gorillaz is Damon Albarn. Damon is best known for his work as the lead singer of Blur. They were basically responsible for making Britpop happen. He later joined forces with comic artist and writer, Jamie Hewlett to form Gorillaz.

Gorillaz Character Names & Virtual Band

Visually, Gorillaz as a virtual band are the product of Jamie Hewlett, the creator of popular comic, Tank Girl. As you may have noticed, Gorillaz music videos feature animated characters, graphically these are Jamie Hewlett's creations. Each character has a different role in the band. 

  • 2D (Vocals)
    • When singing 2D's vocals are those of Damon Albarn. 2D's voice when he is speaking is Nelson De Freitas.
  • Murdoc Niccals (Bass)
    • The always angry Englishman, while not the frontman, is regarded as the bands leader.
  • Russel Hobbs (Drums)
    • Voiced by Nigerian drummer Remi Kabaka, Russel Hobbs personifies the hip hop element of Gorillaz.
  • Noodle (Guitar & Backing vocals)
    • Arriving in a Fedex crate, Noodle, a 13 year old Japanese girl, came to the band when they were still a trio looking for a guitarist.

What Do the Gorillaz Look Like in Real Life?

Jamie Hewlett on the left. Damon Albarn on the right.

Gorillaz Real Life

Image source: WOW247

Gorillaz Faces

Gorillaz Faces

Image source: Gorillaz.com

Earlier this year we were treated to some simple hacking and voilà, a set-list appeared. The duo also have a festival planned.

Gorillaz - Andromeda (Bonobo Remix)
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