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Nick Drake - Place To Be (Holobody Cover)

Nick Drake - Place To Be (Holobody Cover)

Feb 11, 2013

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This beautifully singular remix of "Place To Be" is about a Jamaican man that is forced to move to Williamsburg, NYC, where his reggae spirit is filtered through an indietronica kaleidoscope. He slowly starts to lose his inner and outer light, so he goes to Coney Island one day to stare at the white, white water, as a battered ferris wheel continues to go 'round, and sings "I was strong, strong in the sun/I thought I'd see when day is done/Now I'm weaker than the palest blue/Oh, so weak in this need for you."

Okay so I made up that story, although the lyrics are real. The soft, folksy original, from the late Nick Drake, might sound familiar, as the singer-songwriter/musician was featured on the award-winning Garden State soundtrack. Montreal-based Holobody, comprised of sister brother team Luke and Charlotte Loseth, carry on Drake's memory with a languid experimental electronic/acoustic remix. An underlying groove resonates throughout, reminding me of how, despite our individual sadness, life continues to move on.

This remix comes of off Holobody's debut 6-track EP MTL, released via Bad Panda Records in December 2012. You can check out the EP on Bandcamp and follow the duo on Facebook.
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