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Nicolas Jaar - Why Didn't You Save Me
Nov 04, 2011
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Music master Nicloas Jaar is back with another EP called Don't Break My Love, a two track compilation true to the Chilean/Brooklyn hybrid. Jaar is known for an eclectic, almost indefinable style. Listening through his productions, they all have a mellow, horizontal perspective on electronic music. This latest EP comes as somewhat of a surprise since he just announced a collaboration with Dave Harrington called DARKSIDE, due to release a self titled EP December 7.

Comprised of just 11 minutes and 13 seconds, Don't Break My Love falls so short of disappointment I can't even remember what that feels like at the moment. The first track, "Don't Break My Love," starts out with a cracking, hissing vinyl sound leading to slightly thunderous outbursts. The song fades away so far at some points that you feel as if it's stopped, but Jaar brings attention right back at the perfect moment to make it a suspenseful experience. The build up is so slow it takes on an almost progressive beginning before Jaar's voice samples come into play, moaning in a light, composed manner syncing in perfection with the slow beat. The end is very hip-hoppy, sampling what sounds like a woman's vocals, almost like another track entirely yet still connected to the prior seconds.

"Why Can't You Save Me" is the following and final track on the EP, my favorite. It starts off strong with garbled drums and vocal samples, fusing together with a decidedly pulsating beat and string instruments. The middle of the song slows down as if to peter off, but that is a farce. Looping cries start early and finish late leading the listener into a repetitive, persecuting accusation: Wwhy can't you save me." It ends with a more dance-filled aspect than the rest of his EP, but still in that relaxed manner Jaar fully embodies.

If I'm abnormally descriptive about each track above, it is due to the emotive and invoking characteristic of Jaar's music. Although Jaar may not be vertically stacking these songs with 180BPM and a dubstep-centric bass line, there is something existentially motivating and inspirational about all of his music that even pill-popping, Skrillex listening, neon wearing teenagers have to love.

For more Nicolas Jaar and a free download of the newest EP, check out his imprint Clown and Sunset's SoundCloud page. Make sure to check out the Blue Wave Edits, highly recommended.
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