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Nordic Giants - Violent Lights
Oct 05, 2013
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You'd be forgiven for thinking that feather-clad post-rockers Nordic Giants had their roots in the Scandinavian wilderness or had crawled out from between the pages of a Tolkien novel.  In fact, the talented duo hail from Brighton, England "“ a seaside town known more for its libertarian views on sexuality than the inspirational bleak terrain that their material suggests.

Euphoric, ethereal, and evocative, much like the music of Icelandic rousers Sigur Ros, this track ebbs and swells in a haunting composition that lingers far after the final bars have played. Noted for their visceral live performances, brought to a selection of unusual locations across the UK and accompanied by award-winning films, the twosome are certainly a refreshing unit on the British music scene. Mythical and mysterious, seeing them on stage has been described by captivating audiences as an almost religious experience "“ and that intrigue alone puts them straight to the top of my to-see list.
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