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Nydge - El Segundo (Ft. Kim Vi)

Nydge - El Segundo (Ft. Kim Vi)

Dec 28, 2016

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Why do we like this?

Detroiter's be shaking their heads at me right now like, "How'd you sleep on this one, Rai?" Honestly don't know how I did, but I'm happy to right that wrong.

Nydge (aka Nigel Hemmye) is a producer based out of Detroit making the kind of pop music that gives pop a good name. I've always been a fan of pop, but it's still sometimes a struggle to justify to others that pop as a genre can and does have plenty of integrity. 

"El Segundo" is proof Pop is the new black -- future pop, that is.

Nydge is another (like Humons) rotating around the church of music called Assemble Sound, which is quite literally a church in Detroit that is a recording studio/ whatever else it wants to be. Being that it's so spiritually rich in nature as a place, it's no wonder great things keep coming out of it. 

Check out more of Nyde's collaborations at his SoundCloud and enjoy!


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