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Orchards - Honey
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Nov 21, 2016
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Why do we like this?

I guess it's a coincidence that I just watched an episode of Black Mirror where all the bees had died and they were using tiny drones in bee form to pollinate the earth. I say that because the description to this song says: 

“The lyrics are two-fold, you could say they’re about unrequited love and the chemistry that that situation ignites between two people. On the other hand you can think about the lyrics in the context of the bee crisis and how those lovely things are currently in danger. Yes our vocalist is a bit obsessed with bees…”

So here we are. "Honey," by Orchards is a great example of Math Rock mixed with Top 40 pop elements. For those of you that don't know what Math Rock is, wikipedia describes it as:

"Characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures (including irregular stopping and starting), counterpoint, odd time signatures, angular melodies, and extended, often dissonant, chords. It bears similarities to post-rock."

That's pretty much the best explanation for what you're about to hear, with the exception that the melodies and choruses are all pop in their construction and execution. The team does a great job of blending the elements seamlessly and providing a fun listening experience. Enjoy. 

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