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Pale Honey - Real Thing
Oct 13, 2016
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Ever feel paralyzed by those nagging inhibitions that hold you back from getting what you want? Perhaps that classic situation where you're dying to ask someone out but you're worried about how you'll come across? Next time you need some motivation to break through that mental barrier, turn on this new Pale Honey.

The girls from Gothenburg are back with "Real Thing," the first bit of badassery off of their second album coming in 2017 and a lesson in unabashed boldness. (If Tuva Lodmark has the guts to belt out: "You're my wet dream," you can put yourself out there). My favorite thing about their music has always been the balance between their clean production and aggressive style, and this track thrives on that.

They explain that “‘Real Thing’ is what happened when we blew our minds. It’s all about knowing what you want and that you’re going to get it. For us it’s courage and confidence packed and pressed into one song."

In Sweden, the UK, or Norway in the near future? Go support them and see them shred.

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